Visuals: The social media superheroes and villains

This is a recording of a talk given at the International Social Summit Barcelona 2024. How many times has a branded social media post stopped your feed scrolling? Did you realise it was because of its image/video? Visuals are more important than text in a social media post, whether on Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok or X. So, why are so many brands bad at creating them? In this talk, Daiana Damacus and Germán Rodríguez from Webcertain combine their social media and graphic design powers to put a stop to boring visuals in branded social media posts. Their session covers how to plan for visuals, how to come up with visual concepts, how to choose the best visuals for your campaigns, how to create eye-catching visuals, and how to avoid all the common mistakes brands make with their images and videos on social media, especially in global campaigns.