Be on social without being on social

This is a recording of a talk given at the International Social Summit Barcelona 2024. It is time we as professionals really start to think about the role social plays for a brand or business. If you try being all things to all people on social, you are more than likely diluting your effort and adding to the sea of corporate sameness. You are also most likely doing it with a small team and limited resources too, right? In this talk, Michael Corcoran from Frankly gets straight to the juicy bits! He discusses different ways to be on social without “being” on social – to solve a problem or utilise an opportunity for a brand and business. He takes some examples of how to use social beyond just posting content and wasting time and money. He also looks at the four key variables that should influence your strategy before deciding what role social can play to really try to add value over time. And you might learn a bit about how Ryanair does it too!